Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Graham Spencer and a Sponsored walk

Someone also mentioned Graham Spencer on the school Facebook page. Graham was my table head at school and a musician - trumpet and guitar. After school Graham became an apprentice electrician at DF Gibbs (next to the General Wolf on the Foleshill Rd. I joined after leaving school, although Graham was nearing completion of his apprenticeship by then. At 17, Graham got me involved with his local Bedworth / Bulkington Youth and Community centre. On a Saturday i would go over and meet up with Graham to do fund raising activities (mostly car washing). On one occasion we went on a sponsored walk and this article appeared in the Coventry Evening Telegraph because the leader of the centre - Geoff Dornan - walk the circuit backwards!


  1. Footie Spencer - remember him well, used to be in my class. He did have a couple of other nick-names but could'nt possibly mention them on this open forum.
    Signed "The Original M28"

    1. come out of the woodwork !