Sunday, September 18, 2011

Research Material

I did a quick Sunday morning search of Google Books. There are many out of copyright and searchable books on the site which can be viewed or downloaded as a pdf file alongside many with only a preview or snippet view.

I did a quick search for both Wyre Farm Camp School, Cleobury Mortimer and City of Coventry Boarding School.

A few items came up all of which only had a snippet view. I'll post the snippets here in case anyone wants to track down the relevant journals in libraries or antiquarian bookshops. They relate to the buying of the school, the staff and circuit training!

Here are the snippets and journal titles -

1. Electrical times: Volume 130 
No cover image
1956 - Snippet view
City engineer and surveyor. Town Hall, Bradford. Bredbury and Romiley UDC 69 houses to be built on the Cherry Tree ... Elwy Rd. Coventry EC Recommended to acquire Wyre Farm Camp School, Cleobury Mortimer, for use as a boarding school. ...

2. The Electrical journal: Volume 157 1956 - Snippet view
BELFORD, NORTHUMBERLAND: County Council to build secondary school at Belford at a cost of £60 000. COVENTRY: Education Committee recommended to acquire Wyre Farm Camp School, Cleobury Mortimer, for use as boarding school.

3. Papers by command: Volume 11
Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons - 1956 - Snippet view
The Board are grateful for the special consideration given to such men in the filling of residential vacancies at Wyre Farm, Cleobury Mortimer, a camp run by the National Camps Corporation, Ltd. At the end of the year eight men from ...
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4. The effects of a six week programme of circuit training on the ...
John Dennis Brooke - 1965 - 184 pages - Snippet view
The sample was selected from the total population of boys, 13-15 years of age who were attending the City of Coventry Boarding School at Cleobury Mortimer. They all had homes in the City of Coventry, England. Selection of the school ...


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