Sunday, September 16, 2012

'A Wartime from Home' - Evacuees at Wyre Farm

This is a cutting from the Coventry Evening Telegraph, sent by Michael Billings - 

Annie Desmond  The boy on the right looks very much like my Dad! I would have to check with him again but he was there Durning the war, when out was an orphanage. 

My Dad was there 1940-44 and has very fond memories, was anyone else there around that time?? His name is Humphrey Desmond, he was called Des and/or Humph while he was there and remembers a friend called John Thurling? I don't think he has photos, would Love to hear from anyone else who was there around that time.

Paul Rees That floor looks like it was bumpered perfectly ready for the photo!!! I seem to remember the smell of beeswax polish we had to put down.

Paul Nicholas Williamson Arghhh, the floors, we would tie bits of old blanket to our feet and slide up down the dormitory,dam good fun.

Michael Breslin It was luxurious in the 70's....we had a grey Lino strip straight down the middle with raised aluminum trim on either side. Newly polished shoes would scuff it and since you had to put slippers on in the lobby (and put shoes in the square wire baskets under the benches) it was quite easy to tell who had not removed their shoes!

From a school brochure produced in 1947 and still used with amendments up until Mr Rowland's produced a new one c 1962. Notice the verandas (no hedging) and the white fencing.

Dining Room mid 50's I think

Michael Billings for the high Jump! (Possibly Deputy head Mr John Lowe at the back - left but not sure - see the larger version below.
RT Morris - head master - Archie Lambley on left.
Paul Williamson That would have been the junior cross country team, under 13's as we would run in an A race and a B race in teams of 8.

I think this is Mr John Lowe - deputy head until 1957 - but if anybody who was there can identify this teacher who is in the 2 above pic of Michael Billings doing the long jump -please say!

Rosemary Webb Rehill It's the original pool and that looks like Mr Morris. I vaguely remember him. Dad was employed the year it became city of Coventry school. I learned to swim in that pool! I have vivid memories of the white maggots along the edges. We used to go when you guys were in tea. As soon as we heard you stand, we ran like mad to get home before you came out.

Deli Kurbaga Mick (Powers) Thats how i Remember the Pool Apart from winter time when it was covered in snow & you could not see it

Ralph Aldhous Pretty much. Gorgous Gus (Roberts) chucked me in in the first year. Must have been the autumn term when I was demonstrating a distinct reluctance to enter the icy water. After that though, we had a lot of good times there, Weren't there some nettles on the downhill side?

Deli Kurbaga Mick (Powers) Forgot about the cold icey water, but you just reminded me off it & a cold shiver just came over me. Good times but i Prefer the warmer weather & water now.

Paul Nicholas Williamson making tidal waves and getting a rollocking !!!!!!!!!!!

Mick Gajic jumped in once and litteraly broke the ice went in a man came out a girl,god it was cold,ran faster than Usain Bolt straight to the showers,never forget that.

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