Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Photos from Simon Peter Shirley

Trev Teasdel c 1965 / 66, in our 4th year we moved into the new block aka Senior house. The old cedar wood dorms originally had bunk beds but with the seniors now in the new building, they could spread out a bit and the old bunk beds were replaced by single beds with coloured covers.

Peter Dawson Cant be mortimer never that tidy.

Raymond Bothwell  Bunk beds went out when I was there. 1965/6 and colour blankets were introduced, looks like my old house / mortimer.

Peter Cobham Dudley was always tidy with Mr Choppings regimented style.

Nigel Tuckey Hospital corners aren't very good, can't be Blount!

Peter Cobham your right Nigel, must be Mortimer.

Paul Rees Is this the Dining Hall?

Simon Peter Shirley Yes it is, I also have some new pics taken today I will load them up later.

Adrian Rosenlund Hudson yes...although i really don't remember that mural. I remember doing prep here, and the phone booth just behind where this photograph was taken...

Peter Dawson i remember more tables

Adrian Rosenlund Hudson Must have been taken near to the school closing. When i moved to Senior house, and became a '3rd year', there wasn't an intake of 1st years, and a lot of the lads that became 4th years left for other schools, for the sake of their exams, so we had basically only 2nd, 3rd and 5th years...

Paul Rees Ah, the Ablutions!!!!! Brings back a whole heap of memories!!!

Peter Dawson cold winter mornings having a wash in there

Paul Rees Trudging through the snow to find no hot water!!

Simon Peter Shirley I think this one is 1976, 77 poss Richard Hull in the fore ground and David Harris in the back ground

Trev Teasdel That must be the metal work room - what was our Gym in the 60's.

Adrian Rosenlund Hudson Wasn't that teacher called Mr Meacham?

Think we had this one on before or if not very similar but in better condition. From the 1970's.
Shows the Gym (later metal work workshop in the 70's), water tanks and back of the dining hall and staff room. far left, the sick bay, in front of the gym / metal work place  - the class rooms and in the top right the headmaster's cottage.

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