Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mixed Photos from the Archive

Peter Cobham In the check Jacket was I think Peter Germaine,

Rosemary Webb Rehill Yes it is! George Parker, Dilys place and Pete Germaine

Gary Marks Who else in a jacket like that lol

Trev Teasdel A regular visitor to school events during the time of Mr Rowlands - 61 - 64 - photos of him on the blog at school events - cross country etc and negotiations were going on towards new school buildings which Mr Rowlands wanted to see (which happened eventually in 65 / 66.

Peter Cobham Sing along with parents after the "it's a knockout" 1977

Steve Webb Gordon Place leading the singing???

Peter Cobham spot on Steve.

George Houguez ‎'that lion 'as eaten our Albert'........

Trev Teasdel Who's the man with the beard?

Peter Cobham Was wondering myself Trev, could he be from the village school as they put a team up too.

Dave Rowlands Yes you are right pete he was from the school in the village

Christmas 1978 
Peter Cobham Tim Vince of course, and the only other one I know in this is myself, stripped top in the centre, head banging.
George Houguez Malcolm Marshall, far left. Is that Tony Powell in the middle?

Dave Rowlands George I think you are right yes its Tony Powell. He was the tallest in school and was a great mate - had fun in school with him and the old gang gaz marsk jhonny rotten simon hull fish brez just to name a few if i am right Tony got suspended for setting the fire alarms off when we all cooked toast in the senior house that we knicked from the staff room lol

Michael Breslin Pete to the right of you is Paul Baluch. In front of Tony Powell is "Edna the inebriated" and Paul Fisher in the foreground I think. 1 point for Edna's real name! Dave I wrote about Tony's demise and Trev put it on the blog!

Trev Teasdel Is that Dziubek and Mansell on the right?

Ralph Aldhous Yes and it's Rowsell on the left I think.

Trev Teasdel ‎'Taffy' Powell (Geography) at the back. Obviously camping, but where? Looks like a year or so below my year.

Raymond Bothwell It is Taffy Powell and I (Raymond Bothwell) on near right. Defo Ian Jefferson on left. The Elan Valley, 1964/5.

Trev Teasdel I was 5th form 67, these could be 4th formers.

Trev Teasdel Looks like another photo album and notice the school team pics on the wall. Was this Mr Parker's office? In 1968 Coventry lord mayor was leonard Lamb JP according to Historic Coventry site

Old Coventry, Warwickshire - a brief history and photographic account of our cit...See more

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