Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Boarder Issue 1 - School magazine 1957 - 58

Thanks to Michael Billings for sending the first of 4 yearly editions of  The Boarder. This is issue No 1 published end of summer term 1958 to cover the 1957 - 58 academic year. We already have the last of the 4 editions for 1960 - 61. They have proved a great time-casual, giving us an insight into the many activities and events during the relevant school year. 1957 was an important year in the history of the school and so it is good to have this copy. Mr Morris, headmaster, oversaw the transition of the school from Wyre Farm Camp School to city of Coventry Boarding school. The dorms (with Coventry names like Earlsdon) changed into 'Houses' that are familiar to later pupils like Dudley, Mortimer and Blount. GCE's were introduced, Mr Thorne joined the school, Mr Place left temporarily to study metal work at Loughborough College, the Coventry Coat of Arms changed to reflect the Phoenix and this involved changing the coat of arms on the school entrance sign and much more as you'll find if you read the magazine on PDF file here.

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