Wednesday, September 5, 2012

More Sports Pictures via Peter Dawson

These are from Coventry archives who gave kindly gave permission to Peter Dawson to copy them.

Some of these might be better versions of the ones Peter contributed a few posts a go but some are new ones.


George Houguez Back row: Nigel Sullivan, Steven Ferguson, Wayne Mullhall, Aiden Campbell, Andy Cyfko, Trevor Buck, George Houguez, John Kenny. Frt row: Mark Harris, Robert Paton, Peter Cobham, Gary Setchell, Malcolm Milne, Jas Manak, can't remember the lad on the end. Came from Manchester.

Peter Cobham Blimey George you got a hell of a memory, and this is one of the pics I have but couldn't find.

Michael Breslin George you mean Richard Kenny?

George Houguez Right Mick. Richard it is.

Peter Dawson with Gaz Marks and Simon Hullihen.


Trev Teasdel On the left is headmaster mr Morris but who is the teacher on the right - could it be John Lowe - the former deputy head? Anybody there in the 50's know?

Steve Webb I think it's Wally Clark without his glasses on - - -

Trev Teasdel It could be but I'm not sure - he looks a bit smarter.

George Forrester Faces I can put names to: Grant, Ellis, Scrivens, Tom Merry,Horton, Shepered, Peebles. Mr. Morris and Mr.Tinsella. I would guess 1957/8

George Forrester Recognise myself next to Wally Clark. Others I remember,:-Merry, Bolster, Billings, Mcfarland, Graham, Browning, Flynn, White

Peter Dawson  What year George

Trev Teasdel Likely to be between 1957 - 61 I would think, as Mr Morris is in the photo and was head during that period although he was there before 1957.

George Forrester ‎1956-60 faces i can recall in photo:- Merry, Browning, Billings, Bolster, Mc Farland, Graham, White, Flynn, Close. Me next to Wally Clarke last time I was that close to him he had a slipper in his hand, and I had Dunlop printed on my bum !! Ouch.

Michael Billings My God i never thought i would ever see this photo again. I'm the tall one in the centre back row. I recognise you George next to Wally Clarke. Back row second from the left is Shepherd who i did the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme with. They are all so familiar but names escape me at the moment.

Steve Webb Malcolm Grant front row in the middle - - - Reg Morris and Wally Clark are the teachers.

Michael Billings Noel Richards next to Reg Morris.


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