Friday, August 12, 2011

Herman the German

For German, in 1965, we had Mr Hudson aka Herman the German. Freshly out of teacher-training he encountered a tough time at the school. Constant taunts and books poised above the door as he walked in marred his time there. However I thought he was cool and it's a shame he left.

He told us he'd been at teacher training college in Birmingham with Spencer Davis and played us their first single Every Little Bit Hurts before they became a household name with Keep on Running.

He also played us the German language versions of  She Loves You and I want to Hold Your Hand which have recently been released on the Beatles Anthology album.

Ralph Aldhous There was another German teacher before him. Younger and taller with very short hair. He hit me with a board ruler one day for some act of insubordination.

Trev Teasdel  Spencer Davis did indeed study German at Birmingham Uni in 1960 and went on to teach it while playing in the band part time until fame, according to various sites.

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