Saturday, August 20, 2011

More Places Around Cleobury

Some more photos from Facebook mostly from Michael Billings. This time of places around the Cleobury area - mostly from 1995

Where the trackbed to Cleobury crosses Neen Savage Road
Photo  - Michael Billings
Trackbed from Neen Savage crossing towards Cleobury Town
Photo Michael Billings 1995
Clee Hill from Six Ashes - photo Michael Billings

Elan Valley Reservoir

Michael Billings Photo of the 2 bridges spanning the Cleobury to Bewdley road at Cleobury Mortimer Station. The nearest bridge carried the Ditton Priors branch to Cleobury Town , Burwarton & Ditton Priors. Both have now been demolished.

Rosemary Webb Rehill I remember the day that bridge was blown up! VERY exciting stuff!!

The old crossing gates just down from Six Ashes.
Photo Michael Billings 1995
Castle Toots from Cherry Orchard
Photo Michael Billings 1995

Cleobury Town Station a private house in 1995
Photo Michel Billings

Skellern Farm - Photo by Keith Ison

Paul Nicholas Williamson the times I drew that farm building for my art work, I was rubbish at it, John Breeze the art master someone who had a temper and smoked a lot

Clee Hill Quarry 1995 - photo Michael Billings

Clee Hill Quarry 1995 - photo Michael Billings

Clee Hill Quarry 1995 - photo Michael Billings

Neen Savage Church - by Keith Ison

Photo by Keith Ison It's the building just past the wells in Cleobury Mortimer. I think the local children went there when it was used as a nursery.

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