Friday, August 19, 2011

Mr J. Lowe - Deputy Head in 1950's

Above John Lowe as Head of Willenhall Wood Junior School from c 1960 to 1976
Photos from Willenhall Virtual Museum. Well worth a visit if  you lived or knew Willenhall
John Lowe was the Deputy Head in the 1950's - there at least as early 1951. In the early 60's he was Head Teacher at Willenhall Wood Junior school in Coventry, where I went to until July 1962. It was on the suggestion of John Lowe that my parents sent me to Cleobury.  Trev Teasdel

From the Coventry Telegraph

Mr J Lowe
 Mr John Lowe - A FORMER Coventry headmaster who loved the outdoor life has died, aged 90. (2003)

John Lowe, who served for 23 years at Willenhall Wood Primary School, in St James Lane, died at Warwick Hospital. 

Mr Lowe, who was born in Cleethorpes, taught at Coventry Boarding School, in Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire, for 15 years, where he became deputy head, then joined Willenhall Wood Primary School, where he retired from in 1976. 

Mr Lowe, who was a chairman and president of Willenhall Wood Community Association, enjoyed Scottish dancing, travel and photography and was a chairman of Coventry Mountaineering Club and led walking trips to Greece. 

A Sky Blues season ticket holder, he went to the gym at Coventry Sports Centre every morning until last July. 

Mr Lowe never married and lived in Willenhall Wood until a few years ago, when he moved to Kenilworth Court, near the War Memorial Park, Coventry. 

Paying tribute, Barry Smith, to whom Mr Lowe had been a mentor at Coventry Boarding School, said: "He was a fantastic guy and had been an educator of kids all his life." The funeral will take place at Cannon Hill Chapel, Canley, Coventry, on January 9. 
SKY BLUES FAN: John Lowe at 81

John Lowe - head of  Willenhall Wood Junior and before that  Deputy head of City of Coventry Boarding school
Also from the Willenhall Virtual Museum - "John Lowe, the headmaster of Willenhall Wood school and a friend of the Men's  Group  introduced them to day outings into the countryside;  the first one being to Wyre Forest in 1969.  Weekend trips to Corris, Wales; followed in 1971."

And here's a photo of John Lowe from 1951 when he was deputy head at the City of Coventry Boarding school - from a school trip to Golden Cup in Dorset.

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