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Photos from Friends Reunited etc.

Mike Donoghue says of this photo -
Cleobury Mortimer circa 1974

From L to R: Lyndon Harris, John McKay, Darren Mulcahy, Paul Fisher, (sorry name escapes me?), Michael Breslin and me! All aged about 12. I seem to recall that this was taken shortly after the Tuck Shop refurb and that Pete Germain took the photo?

School play 1982 John Steane
The Class of '82 school play "The Man In The Bowler Hat" By AA Milne. From The left Rob Grant, Warren Stevens, Dean Kelly, Neil Cummings, Adrian Mulhall, Dave Kent, Alexandet Whyte, Jon Steane. It seems really sad that I can still recite the opening lines, I wonder if Ady Mulhall can still do the bit about the "Rajas Ruby - Rubhas Rajy - Rajhas Ruby"?

Photo from Mike O'Donoghue

School Play 1977
John Chapman's play Simple Spymen. From top Left (standing): Alex Mahilovich, Steven Curran?, Gary Marks, Paul Fisher, Michael Breslin, Me!, sorry name escapes me, John McKay. From bottom Left: Darren Mulcahy, Nick Watson?, Michael Garlick, Ben Frank? 

Scout trip 1977 Brian Sabin

School Cricket team 1980 under 12's

1980 Under 12s Cricket Team
Top left to right: R.Brown,Kuldeep?, R.Buckley, A.Wood, R.Hawk, A. Watson Lower left to right: H.Watts, O.Griffiths, N.Brown, K. Campbell and ?Piccolo
Uploaded by Oliver Griffiths

Wyre Farm Camping Trip the photo shows Colin Booth as leader and Darrell Booth second from right, 
Uploaded by Darrell Booth

1964 science lab - Malc Carroll, Burns, Fazulo etc

Scrum 1964

Richard Ward 1964

John Hesketh 1964

Rugby team c 1966

Photo from Brian Sabin - 1977 first trip out in minibus....window screen shatters......

School Play 1978
John Chapman's play Dry Rot. From top Left (standing): Tony Powell?, Paul Fisher, Rob Paton?, John McKay, Tim Vince, Michael Breslin. From bottom left: Me!, Gary Marks and Darren Mulcahy.
by Mike O'Donoghue

by Mike O'Donoghue c 1977?

George Houguez says - Sports Day. My Mum (on the right) wrote June 1981 on the back of this photo. I left in 1979! Perhaps they kept going back and hadn't noticed I wasn't there.
Uploaded by George Houguez

Uploaded by Michael Richardson
In this photo:McKenzie Brian Cook Dave Tulley Dean Williams Michael Richardson Paul Sutton Andy Stevens Paul Sutton George Hand Tim Naylor

Uploaded by Warren Stevens

In this photo: David Wilson, Cardwell, David Harris, Warren Stevens, ? Wheldon, Mr Burcher, Dave Meacham, John Cyfko, Eddie Nelson, Riggs
Inter-house Rugby -Dudley vs Mortimer 1980 - Dudley trounce Mortimer.  Warren Stevens in the middle of the shot as a third year playing for the seniors (4th and 5th years). Mr Burcher is the ref!

Dexter Lacey - its Dave Meacham Eddie Nelson Ronnie Furguson

Uploaded by Warren Stevens

Photo uploaded by John Brown

In this photo: Adrian Mulhall, Peter Niceley, John Brown (photos), Dean Waton, Gavin Mulhall, Warren Niceley, Tovey, Aubery Wood?, Harris, Harrison, Riochard Hull, Rob Grant, George Bell, Patric Jones, Rob Wood, Alan Brown, Adrian Steane
X country Winners Blount House 1981

Warren Stevens  Mortimer got amalgamated into Dudley - and Mortimer wuz no more! As Dean Kelly and myself were the last fifth year to get on the that last minicoach back to Cov - I'd say Dudley outlasted Blount as well... Dudley ruled!
This was taken in 1981 as Peter Nicely, David Harris, Rob Wood, Richard "Buzby" Hull etc.. left that year, they were a year older and my year left in 1982.

Franz Muller and Alf Judge May 11th 1953

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