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Reports and miscellaneous material - Michael Billings

Michael Billings Having dug out my copy of the School magazine is was called "The Boarder" not "The Recorder". Very interesting to read again. It was produced July 1958.

Michael Billings I'm top left on the photo. Mr Lambley, Mr Morris & Mr Tinsello at back. Back of photo shows photographer Freddy Morrison from Cleobury.

Sarah Williams When did the name change to City of Coventry School?

Michael Billings Sarah it was in 1957.

Michael Billings When i was confirmed at Kinlet Church.

Michael Billings Booklet advertising the school November 1947.
Hopefully we will have this booklet on pdf or e book on here at some stage.

Paul Nicholas Williamson 
I did have one for 1958 when it was City Of Coventry School.

Michael Billings Walter Clarke, Geoff Oxendale and Mr Morris' comments.

Paul Nicholas Williamson What a trio, if we had teachers like those three there would be no trouble, you did as you where told, no if' and buts.

Paul Nicholas Williamson The school play when RTM collasped and Wally Clarke carried him out, RTM was a big bloke himself.

Rosemary Webb Rehill  I remember that night, Paul. Were you in the hall when it happened? I remember the lights all being on and the ambulance coming. It was very frightening for a small child.

Paul Nicholas Williamson Yes, I was, but you have to admire the way Wally Clarke carried him out, he was a very strong man. Shame he left at the end of the school year, at the time he was housemaster of Blount, very keen on Blount winning everything, but we didn't as Dudley was top house then. Jim Lovatt took over as housemaster.

Rosemary Webb Rehill My only memory of Wally Clarke was that he was VERY scary! mum told us to put some wellies on the huge bonfire that had been built for bonfire night. He yelled at us and frightened us half to death!! LOL

Paul Nicholas Williamson Rosemary, I remember your Dad because we used to have a private study as it was called, as myself Martyn Hawthorne and Rick Wells were not taking Science for "O" level we had to do it in the main hall and we sat on the stage using the large table and your Dad was always popping in and out seeing people and he would stop and have a chat and the subject always got round to football,your Dad was a firm believer that the under dogs invariable would win the FA Cup final, this has stuck with me and I find that I quote this on many occassions and it was your Dad that this thought into my bonce.

Rosemary Webb Rehill Ah Paul, thank you for that! Dad was a huge Manchester City fan until the day he died. Not sure if he ever got to see them win the cup though....!

Michael Billings Wally Clarke was a dead shot when he through the board rubber or chalk at you if he thought you were not paying attention. He also used to walk round the classroom and hit you over the head if he asked you a question and you did not know the answer. THE HEAD BASHING WAS WITH THE BOARD RULER.

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