Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Photos by Keith Ison and Dragan Gajic

Today, August 16th 2011, two former pupils, Keith Ison and Dragan Gajic took a ride out to Cleobury and came back with some new photos to share.

First - some views from 6 Ashes....

Part of the Cross Country route near Cleobury

Paul Starling  Its the left turn just before the church. Abit further down is the farm gate to the river.

Rosemary Webb Rehill Papermill cottages. Originally built for the paper mill that was down by the river. The mill burnt down in Victorian time. This was a shortcut into Cleobury.

Michael Billings Always remember how steep this was. Don't think i could walk it these days.

Keith Ison yes its hardly changed at all down there

Nigel Rigby Yes, i think it was on the walk down to cleobury, I once did a really good pencil sketch of these cottages, from a similar angle to this shoot, i remember the sketch well, dont know what happened to it though, but this picture reminded me.

TexasDave McGarry The friendliest people in CM lived down this lane. Does anyone remember the car wreck-sports? car, at the top of the lane, back in '62/3.. I raced back to school and got my camera and took a photo. I'll try and find it, and post it... Oh, happy friendly lane, I've never forgot you. Great post Keith!

Rosemary Webb Rehill  That's the path through the field by Papermill cottages - just after the new Bridge over the Rea

Bridge over the River Rea (short cut to Cleobury)
Keith Ison  Its the bridge just around the corner from papermill cottages

Neen Savage Ford

And in Cleobury....

The Church at Neen Savage

Dragan (Mick) Gajic   I sat on second row when in the choir.

Paul Starling  So did I. I also went to Gloucester Cathedral to sing in the all schools event.

Dragan (Mick) Gajic  I remember going to Tewksbury Abbey with the choir.

Alan Thorn's Grave stone

Lauri Lindsay Gone but never forgotten.

Paul Nicholas Williamson  Smoked like a good un, players weights in my day, always remember his big torch yes his big torch as he walked along the dorm pushing the red switch every four or five steps. A legend.

Mike McAvoy
Alan Thorne was my Science Teacher and I will never forget his wit. I commented on his sarcasm one day in class, stating it was the lowest form of wit. He responded by sayin " used on the lowest form of life"
He lived a long life by the looks of it. He was good freinds with James Lovatt who became a minister in the church in Bournmouth.  (From Topix Forum)

Peter Phelps
He taught physics and Rugby. He once arrived at school with a newly acquired Jag Mk10 and got stuck when he couldn't get it into reverse! (From Topix Forum)

Mick Breslin
Mr Thorne was a great math teacher but he dished out tough love. (From Topix)

Peter Melhuish  A truely great man, had a big influence on my life.

Mr Rowland's Grave - Neen Savage (Head teacher until 1964)

David Partridge Mr Rowlands had been a student at Heidleburg Uni before the war and then a bomber pilot in WWll, difficult time for him I think. He was very good news, and he also taught French rather well.

Bob Rowlands - Coventry Standard 1964  "This is not a monastic life....I would like to organise school dances but there are not enough girls in the nearby area" He also had a vision for developing a 6th form.

Sadly Sue Rowland (only 17)
Rosemary Webb Rehill  Bob Rowland had three children, Sue, Allison and Jonathan. He came to City of Cov. after Mr.Morris. 

Phillip Norman
My mate Roger Mason was going out with Susan Rowlands at the time. Many the evening we spent playing tennis after prep.

Dragan (Mick) Gajic
i remember going to rowlands cottage on a saturday evening with a few lads and we had tea pop and sandwiches,i also danced with susan,i will never forget the record it was Telstar.

Mike O Donoghue
 he was deputy head when I was there. (from Topix)

Also known as affectionately as 'Slasher Jack' - at Neen Savage.

Michael Billings
The house almost opposite the school entrance was owned by the Jacks family. Mr Ridley used to have dance lessons in the hall and Vera Jacks used to attend along with the seamstress' daughter.

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