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Irvine Holloway's Topix Forum  
This forum began in 2006 and was the first real site that facilitated communication between former pupils although restricted to text, its still active and a valuable source of  memories and information.

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I Survived Wyre Farm Camp School  is now the main forum on Facebook - lively discussions and photos and the source of a goodly part of this blog.
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You can scroll down on the blog or look in the side menu but here the posts are ordered in categories to make it easier to find material. PHOTOS  / SCHOOL HISTORY / LOCAL HISTORY /  SPORTS AND OUTINGS / ARTS - PLAYS MUSIC ETC / LEARNING AND TEACHERS / COVENTRY / CHARLES JOYCE RECREATION OF SCHOOL ASPECTS . 

NEW - 2017 

Reverend David Albert Williams (DAW) - Time Line for The Frugal Minister.

Photos shared by former pupils spanning from 1940 to 1982 with pupils, buildings, reunions and visits and how the school is now. There are sub-categories in this section.

School Reunion Photos
School Reunion Photos Sept 6th Part 1 New

School Reunion Photos Sept 6th 2014 Part 2 New

School Reunion Photos Sept 6th 2014 Part 3 New

Charles Joyce - Reunion Pendant New
Charles Joyce laser printed souvenir pendants for the Reunion.

1964 School Group Photograph New
This photo is already on this blog but this one has colour coding and was used to identify people.

Reunion Photos 2013 by Paul Williamson

Reunion Video by Keith Ison 
2013 reunion
Trev Teasdel's Reunion Photos 2013 
Mostly of Cleobury Mortimer and the Talbot and coming through Bewdley and Kidderminster.

Trev Teasdel Reunion Photos 2013 
Photos at the Pioneer Centre - how the school looks now.

More Photos from 2013 Reunion - Cleobury Mortimer

School Reunion 1989 - 90 - via Michael Billings 
Press cuttings / Photos
Photos 1940's 1950's 1960's 1970's 1980's (some posts have photos from various decades.)

Group Photo from Stuart McDonald c1966 Stuart McDonald, Roger Mason, Kevin Sadler, Adrian Rees, Paul Norman

Times Gone By - Video by Keith Ison - New
Photos of the school through the decades

Photos from 1955 / 56 from Roger McGee New

Classroom scene with Mr Langley c 1956 and the Bridge at Ron Hill. New

Old Photos from the Pioneer Centre Archive
As it says - Photos of plays in the 50's, scouts, new school library, Clee Hills, and one photo of 2013 reunion.
More Old Photos from Pioneer Centre Archive - 1
950's / 60's. Includes school plays in the 50's.

Photos of the school in 1951 by Colin Tattersall (Mad Caruso)  I
ncludes deputy heads John Lowe, Mr Lambley, the dorms with verandas and school trips.

Geoffrey Barber - 2 Photos from 1955 / 56

Assorted Photos from Coventry Archives 
via Peter Dawson 50's - 70's Mixed subject matter.

Photos of  the school via Peter Shirley. late 60's / 70's inside old dorms and dining hall included. Mr Cumin's cottage.

Mixed Photos from Coventry Archives via Peter Dawson - 50's / 60's 70's. Pics of plays, sports, cadets, scouts, dance, bonefire night, Mr Chinn (Director of Education).

More Mixed Photos from the Coventry Archives via Peter Dawson. Includes photo Mr Donaldson - 1st headmaster from 1940. And pic of Martin Hawthorn.

Fifth Form 1965 From Julian (Spadge) Starling

Last Orders - Time Gentlemen Please 
Photos from Charles Joyce from c 1966 / 67

Photos from the 70's  
A number of photos via Michael Breslin from the 70's including one of Mr Thorne.

Some Photos From Sarah Williams 
From the 60's including a snowy playground and the Clyde trip.

Sometime in the Late 70's 
Photos via Peter Molesworth

Echoes of the Past 
Photos of pupils on the playground and swimming pool from Charles Joyce in 1967.

Three Photos from Chris Harden c 1958  
Includes a Sports team and a play.

Mixed Photos of the School in the 40's,50's and early 60's 
As it says on the tin - range of photos here.

Mixed Photos from the 70's and Early 80's I
Includes photos of plays / coffee bar / inside Senior house / sports teams / school trips etc.

Two Photos by Charles Joyce 
Taken c 1966, Charles and friends sitting by the swimming pool.

Visual Vignettes 
A mix of photos contributed by Charles Joyce and Keith Ison. Rugby players in action, Cleobury Mortimer and Charles on his bike or in the orchard.

Photos From Charles Joyce Again 
Mostly in and around Senior House (The New Block) c1966 / 7

Cleobury Revisited 
Keith Ison and Mick (Dragan) Gajic took fresh pictures of the school and Cleobury and some videos of the journey from Kidderminster and Bewdley to the school.

Mixed Photos found on Friends Reunited -
Full range of pictures, different decades.

Michael Billings - More School Photos 1995 
When it was the National Centre for British Youth.
Recent Visits to the School
Some video footage of Stephen Donald's Recent visit to the school.

From his 2014 visit to the school and the area

Photos of the Pioneer Centre via Peter Shirley - includes photo of Tony Booton.

4 Photos from Dean Revell 
From his visit to the school and Cleobury (Poet William Langland plaque in Cleobury) and the Coventry Elephant.

Cleobury Mortimer Video by Keith Ison

Wyrefarm Campus 
Recent photos taken by Keith Ison in black and white of the school buildings as they are now AND and old Cleobury postcard with a small pic of the school on from the 1950's/

The Pioneer Centre
Photos of the school as the Pioneer Centre.

The School Triangle - Six Ashes to Cherry Orchard 
Screen shots from Google Streetview of the journey between these two points.

Dean Revell Recent Photos 
Mixed photos - Ludlow, Neen Savage, Clee Hills and the School.

Assembly Hall as it is Today Via Peter Shirley NEW

General School Photos

School Buildings and Former Pupils and Memories etc.

The Headmaster's Cottage as it now 
Things have changes somewhat!

Tributes to Brian Duynstee and Donald Worsley.

Remembering Stephen Tearse 
Tribute to Stephen Tearse with photos and material from his brother John Tearse.

Vignettes of Boarding School Life.
Not so much photos. Contains some of the interesting threads about school life from the facebook page.

Food Glorious Food 
Photo of pupils in the dining room in 50's along with some of the Facebook discussion on school meals.

Some Memories and Photos from Dean Revell 
Visiting day, Sports day, Slasher Jack

Aerial Views of Cleobury and the School  
Via Michael Breslin and Trev Teasdel

New Block / Senior House 
Photos from Coventry Telegraph c 1966 and some from 1970's dorms.

Graham Spencer and the Sponsored Backward Walk in Bedworth. 
With press cutting c 1968

Brian Duynstee 
Sad press cutting of Brian at Trinity church accompanying his sister 1972 after her Policeman husband was shot.

Panoramic and Group Photos
Panoramic Photo of Pupils and Staff 1964

Panoramic School Pupil Photos 1964 
Another version of same photo
Panoramic Photos of Pupils and Staff 1976

Panoramic Photo of Pupils and Staff October 1980 
from Adrian Rosenlund Hudson.

1964 School Group Photograph New
This photo is already on this blog but this one has colour coding and was used to identify people.


These posts explore aspects of the school's history.

National Camps Corporation. NCC (Origins of the School) 
While most of us knew that the school was originally run by the National Camps Corporation and began as an evacuation camp. Not many knew the history behind that or that there were over 30 similar school camps built around the country at the same time. This post takes a look at the other camps and the architect who had also worked with Sir Basil Spence of Coventry Cathedral fame.

Wrens Warren Camp School 
Another National Camps Corporation School via material in the Pioneer Centre archive.

Wrens Warren Camp School in Coleman's Hatch, East Sussex. (Pathe news Video) New
Interesting footage of one of the other Camp School similar to ours.


Wyre Farm Camp School During the War Years 
From a BBC site with link-back. Insightful description of the school back in the war years. Contributed by Paul Norman.

The War Years  
Excellent description of the school in 1940 on BBC site by Lionel John Aubrey.

Press Cuttings from the War Years 
From the Pioneer Centre archives.

A War Time Home from Home 
Coventry Evening Telegraph article with former pupil Dennis Whiteley. How evacuees took to the country. With old photos.

How jars of jam helped make life a bit sweeter for Wyre Farm evacuees
War years - From Coventry Telegraph

The School in the War and Post War Years  
Trev Teasdel's phone interview with Pat Bryan whose mother taught at the school in the early 40's during the war. On page and Video with more info from Ron Brookes. In the war years they were at school all year long - no holidays!

List of Pupil Intake Between 1940 and 1950 New
From Lynn Tiltman - interesting info.

Lionel John Aubrey - At Wyre Farm Camp School 1946 - 49 New


The Boarder - Issue 1 
School magazine 1957 - 58. Downloadable PDF file or read on line. Full of info about the school and its activities back then.

The Boarder Issue 4 July 1961 
The last issue of Boarder edited by English teacher Colin Partridge and his team of pupils. The Boarder was an amazing document / magazine, duplicated at the and of each year and giving an insight into all the variant school activities from sports, to clubs and trips, staff and pupils who were leaving and even some creative writing from pupils. It's a pdf file so you can download it or read on line. If anyone has a copy of issues 2 and 3. Please get in contact - they provide valuable historic material now.

The Boarder Issue 4 Viewable PDF


Wyre Farm Camp School Brochure 1941 - 61 
Full of information for parents and prospective pupils. PDF - download or read on line. With photos.

Wyre Farm School Brochure 1955 NEW
PDF downloadable file - thanks to Roger McGee.

City of Coventry School Brochure 1962 
With a new Headmaster (Mr Rowlands) and with so many changes, the school brochure was updated in 1962. Lots of photos in this post.

Pioneer Centre Brochure 
The school is now the Pioneer activity centre.

Press Cuttings About the New Block 
The New School block was later known as Forest Lodge. From Coventry Evening Telegraph.

The 'New' School or Forest Lodge Demolished 2010 
Article from Coventry Telegraph with a photo of Tony Booton sitting on the ruins of  the 'New' school block aka Senior House or Forest Lodge as it was known to the Pioneer centre. Opened in 1966 the new block was demolished in 2010. Includes photos of  the new block inside and out from c 1966 / 67.

Coventry Telegraph Feature on Wyre Farm Camp School New
Feature on lost Coventry schools 2014.

Back in Time - Coventry Telegraph 
Back to the 50's - House Names when they were called after Coventry areas,

Coventry Express Feature on the School 1964
Lots of photos and Mr Rowland's hopes for the school.

General School History Posts

Old Boys Association to this Blog 
Tracks the history of the Old Boys Association through to the various forums and school blogs.

The Ghost Railway on the School Playground 
Discussion and research into the mystery of the Ghost rail that showed up on the school playground when it was frosty!

All Change in the 1970's 
Michael Breslin outlines some of the changes that occurred at the school in the 1970's

School Fees and The Laundry List 
Via John Tearse with some of  Stephen Tearse's material.
Snow Milk Today 
Charles Joyce suggested a post on School Milk.

Dudley, Blunt and Mortimer - School Houses and Signs 
Some resourceful lads managed to save or photograph the school house signs prior to the school closing in 1982 - and hear they are  - not in the best condition!

House Name Plates - Blount and Dudley 

The First Few Days at Boarding School 
This anonymous post from an ex pupil who became very popular, describes the emotional impact of being sent to Boarding school at the age of 11 and coming to terms with all that involves. Along with cuttings from the Coventry Standard 1964 etc.

Changing Coat of Arms 
On inspection of two photos and school sign in the entrance, taken respectively in 1957 and 1967, we noticed that Coventry's Camera Principis coat of arms changed and this was pinpointed as being in 1959. Post shows and describes the difference.

Research Alert Link to a site with the old school registers on from the 1940's and 50's.

Research Material Links to some books and journals that might have some material about the school.

Coventry Archives Michael Breslin sent information about material on the school in Coventry Archives. Paul Starling and Peter Dawson later took visits and got permission to copy some material for the blog.

The School Christmas Tree and Wyre Forest A discussion set off by Stan Webb on getting the School Christmas tree from Wyre Forest in the 50's / 60's and a video on the environmental work they are doing in Wyre forest.


LOCAL HISTORY - Cleobury Mortimer and Area
These posts explore aspects of local history related in some way to the school or our experience of the local area.

Mawley Hall 
It's where the Catholics at the school went to worship at one stage. Links with Napoleon and King Henry V11. Fascinating history.
Cleobury - Ditton Priors Railway 
The first of 2 posts on the railway with photos and material from Michael Billings.
Cleobury Mortimer and Ditto Priors Local Railway 
Info and photos supplied by Michael Billings.
Alf Jenkins - Titterstone - Clee Hills  
Alf  is a local historian who was born in the Dhunstone Inn on Clee Hill and has written about the Clee Hills. Sarah Williams went to one of his talks and reported back.
Cleobury Local History Society New Photo Gallery 
The Cleobury Local History Society meets in Neen Savage Community hall. There new photo gallery is linked on this post. For those who are interested how the whole area looked in the past.
Cleobury Mortimer Local History Society 
A direct link to the Cleobury Local History Society site. Articles, photos, meetings etc. Interesting site for those who wish learn more about the area.
The History of Cleobury Mortimer 
Download free from the  Cleobury Mortimer Local History society site - this book by The Reverend Samuel Auchmuty, written in 1911.
Clows Top Interesting history of the 'Nissan Hut' on the way to Clows top, sparked by Michael Billings and at least one member of Black Sabbath lived out there although that's on the Black Sabbath post in Arts section.
Bewdley - The Bridge and Caps Bewdley is where we used throw our caps in the river but did you know it had a history of cap making!!
Lady Godiva and Kinlet Who knew that the Countess Godiva and Earl Leofric help lands at Kinlet, north of the school. Long before our time of course!!
Mullers Are Not For Eating  Mullers were an engineering firm based in Cleobury Mortimer. This post outlines its basic history with memories of school visits to the factory and some of the gifts they were given.
The Demise of Mawley Oak In 2001 Mawley Oak finally collapsed in strong winds. Post suggested by Michael Billings.
Rev. John Moultrie - Poet and Son of Rector of Cleobury (1799-1874) 
Ordained in Rugby - wrote a popular poem about Lady Godiva in 1820
" Whoe'er has been at Coventry must know(Unless he's quite devoid of curiosity,)
That once a year it has a sort of show, Conducted with much splendor and pomposity.
I'll just describe it, if I can—but no, It would exhaust the humour of a Fawcett, I..
" etc.
Simon Evans - Cleobury's Postman, writer and Broadcaster 
His first book, Round About the Crooked Steeple, was the most successful. Interesting character.
Hobson's Brewery  Phillip Walker told us "  " Hobsons Brewery, Cleobury Mortimer, have brought out a beer 'Postman's Knock' as a tribute to Simon Evans (Cleobury Writer). Initially a bottled beer. Hobsons have recently introduced it on draught." And we did some research. Sorry, no samples on the blog!!
Snow Scenes in Cleobury 1947  
Big snow
Huge Snow Drifts 1963
Close up on Cleobury 
Photos old and new
Castle Toot 
Michael Billings initiated a discussion about Castle Toot nr Cleobury, on Facebook.
Cleobury Mortimer - The Crooked Spire 
Photos, comments and Telford.
Kidderminster - Sugar Town  
Kidderminster was known for its carpet making but it was also a sugar town with a branch BSC. Funny  enough I bought Nancy Sinatra's Sugar town in Kidderminster back when but didn't know about the BSC plant.
Kidderminster Carpets 
Some of us toured the Carpet factory at Kidderminster. Here's a bit of  history.
Cleobury Mortimer - The Wells and Typhus and Cholera 
Paul (Julian) Starling led a discussion about the Wells in Cleobury and took some photos. Includes a press cutting.
Photos of Cleobury Mortimer 
Quite a lot of old photos here.

Leaning Spire of Cleobury by Raymond Bothwell New
Recent views

Ludlow - Recent Photos by Raymond Bothwell New

Dennis Crowther - Clee Hill Poet and Folk Musician NEW
The posts contain photos or memories and information on a variety of school sports over the 4 decades of the schools history. There are other sports photos to be found in some of the School Photos category above. These tend to be exclusively about sports.

School Team 1973 from Martin Hull
Even More Photos 
Mostly sports teams 50's to 70's but a school play - Chase me Comrade 1973.
More Sports Team Photos 3 via Peter Dawson 50's - 70's
More Sports Team Photos 2 via Peter Dawson  50's - 70's
More Sports Team Photos 1 via Peter Dawson  50's - 70's
More Sports Team Photos Via Peter Dawson 50's to 70's
Sports Teams Via Peter Dawson 50's to 70's
Michael Billings - Sports Certificates 1950's
Cross Country - The Route and photos
A Few Sports Photos from the 1970's - 
Via Michael Breslin. Contains one Play photo - Simple Spyman 1976
Rugby Team 1974 via Gary Marks.
Initiative Tests 
Memories of school initiative tests. Some of the places pupils went.
Athletics Team 1960 / 61 
Boarder Issue 4 gives a good survey of the achievements of the school Athletics team that year.
Swimming and the Swimming Pool 
A piece from the Boarder about swimming teams and lots of photos down the age.
Cricket 1960 
Again, from Boarder Issue 4, reports on Cricket at the school with some photos added.
Association Football 1961 
About 1961 Rugby Football became the official school game although Association Football continued as an out of school game. This post is from The Boarder Issue 4.
Rugby Football 1960 - 61 
Rugby Football began c 1960 / 61 as the new school game. This piece is from The Boarder issue 4 and includes Rugby team pics in the 60's and 70's.
Paul Williamson - Cross Country Champion 
Early 60's - Paul Williamson was Cross country champion breaking the school records. Here are some of his certificates and photos and a piece from Boarder Issue 4.
Basket Ball Teams 66 to 69 and Cross Country Team 1981
Two Photos From Dean Revell  
Ludlow and the New school Pool.
Sports Certificates from Jon Andrew Steane c 1979 / 80
Two Photos by Paul Norman - Cricket and Althetics Teams Mid 60's
Some Photos from Paul Norman 
Rugby team 1966 and two photos of the school play Arsenic and Old Lace.
Andy Winters - Sports Teams 1977 NEW

The Cricket Pavilion - Photo and Comments

Assembly hall as it is Today

This section contains posts about the teaching staff, Heads and Deputy Heads and Domestic staff, the curriculum and learning curves.

Rosemary the Bursar's Daughter Past and Present.
Photos of Mr Alger 1969 - 70 From his daughter Helen Heenan
Michael Billings - School Reports 1950's
Mr Martin - Headmaster 1942 -52 2nd Headmaster at the school with Photo.
Robert Vickers ROWLAND - Headteacher to 1964 
Photos, Memories, his time at Solihull School as a pupil and material supplied by Alison Rowland.
Wyrefarm's First Headmasters - Mr Donaldson and Mr B Martin 
Our first investigations in the earliest headmasters. Some of the dates were still tenative when written and needs revising but interesting comments from pupils who were there in the late 40's and early 50's and photos of the Heads.
Mr Morris - Headteacher 1953 - 1960
Mr John Lowe - Deputy Headmaster in the 50's 
Later he was Headmaster of Willenhall Wood Junior School, Coventry.
School Report - Mick Powers 1960's
Photos of Mr Thorne's Funeral 
Neen Savage 1997. Photo of Mr Thorne.
A Dialogue with Colin Partridge 
Colin Partidge was an English Teacher at the school late 50's early 60's. In fact quite an extraordinary in so many ways and who went on to be an author and professor of English at Victoria University in Canada. Here are some of his responses to questions and memories of some of his former pupils of the school.
The Literature Club with Colin Partridge 
Late 50's / early 60's, the Literature club has been likened to the Dead Poets Society!
Staying Alive - An autobiography by English teacher Colin Partridge.
Although English teacher / author / later professor Colin Partridge left a year before i started at Cleobury, I had a fascinating e mail exchange with him and this is one of the results of that exchange.
Geoffrey Leech - English Teacher / Professor of Stylistics 
English teacher Colin Partridge recalls a young Post-graduate, interested in stylistics, who joined him teaching English at the school in 1960. He went on to be Professor Leech who contributed to the New English Dictionary with many other publications concerning the English language and stylistics to his credit. Colin and Geoffrey are remembered at the school also for their inspirational piano playing.

Reverend David Albert Williams (DAW) - Time Line for The Frugal Minister.

Research showing The Rev D A William's life and career.

Terry Walker's Riley Imp
International Youth Service (Pen Friends) 1960.
I've lifted this out of the Boarder Issue 4 (the school magazine) with an illustration. The article also mentions some of  humourous attempts of the correspondent to write in English eg "I have a big nose, a very big nose, but not quite a small nose.".
Youth Hosteling in the Peak District  
Another article lifted from the school magazine 1961 about a school trip to the Peak District which I've illustrated. The pupils visited Blue John Mines (included in scenes of  Conon Doyle's Terry of the Blue John Gap. The teachers in charge of this were Mr Cox and Mr Foy (before his unfortunate activities were discovered!).
France 1960 - A Description of a School Trip 
Again this is an article from Boarder Issue 4 and illustrated. The lads went via Calais to Amiens, Paris, Bayeux, Rouen and many places along the route.
Summer in France with Brey Harper 
Shared by Paul Norman - School summer visit in mid 60's to Carcassonne with pictures and map.
Critics Corner (Reviews of Exhibitions etc.) 
From Boarder Issue 4. Pupils review Exhibition on Subtopia (The impact of modern architecture on the environment) / Art and Craft review and Peak District Survey Exhibition.
Parent Teachers Association 1960 / 61 Once again from Boarder Issue 4. Formation and work of the parent teachers Association.
Creative Writing from The Boarder Issue 4 1961 This includes some interesting poetry and short stories from pupils, published in the Boarder with added illustrations.
Mr and Mrs Chopping and Terry Walker and Wife. Photos past and present.
The Girls of the Boys School  
Snowy photo and comments with the daughters of staff - Sarah Williams, Rosemary Webb (now Rehill), Sue Rowland, Aileen Parker.
Learning Curves 1 
Trev Teasdel recounts some extra-curriculum learning curves. Coventry car innovators, A study of  Switzerland and its social structure, understanding place names and old buildings.
Learning Curves 2 
Part 2 of Trev's post. Material from DA William's English Lit Class. Current affairs, Literature and more.
Maintenance and Domestic Staff  
We often overlook the important role of the maintenance and Domestic staff that ran the ship of state, fed us, fixed our clothes, cleaned our toilets, made us laugh, wrote the letters, filled in the forms, order the food and stock, kept the books and provided the hot water.
Cars and Boats and War - Discussion from Facebook 
Coventry - 14th November 1940 - Poem by Sarah Williams 
Sarah Williams (daughter of Deputy Head Ken Williams) spent her formative years growing up in Coventry. Sarah's poem is accompanied by pic of where she grew and material related to the war years in Coventry.
Tanky Thorne's Treasure Trove 
Charles Joyce reveals a hoard of confiscated items in Tanky Thorne's loft!!
Texas Dave McGarry 
Former pupil Dave McGarry tells his story of how he came to end up in Oz promoting Texas Music concerts, being honoured by the governor of Texas, changing his name to Texas Dave and living the lifestyle. There's only one Texas Dave McGarry and he's he!
Nursing Old Memories with The Choppings 
Keith Ison and Mick Gajic visit the Choppings in Cleobury Mortimer. Photographs and memories.
Something Fishy in the Woodwork 
Mr and Mrs Place past and present and the woodwork shop.
School Webb Site 
The Webb family (Bursar) underneath the School sign school gates.
School reports and Other Material 
Michael Billings - reports, photos, Boarder and Brochure covers.
Mick (Dragan) Gajic Report book and photos
The Girls - Happier Times 
Press cutting Neen Savage - SWusan and Alison Rowland, Aileen Parker, Sarah Williams.
Sue Rowlands - Very Sad Sad press cuttings
Photos by Keith Ison and Mick Dragan Gajic 
Includes photos of the area and the graves of Mr Thorne, The Rowlands, Slaher Jacks with tributes by former pupils via Facebook.
Herman the German 
Mr Hudson - German teacher c 1965. At teacher training school with Spencer Davis
Cerne Abbas 
Who went to Cerne Abbas - The Chalk Giant. There is some material to come to this via facebook etc.

James Lovatt - Music and R.E. Teacher - City of Coventry Boarding School New
Recent and old Photos.

STAFF LIST (not complete)

This section contains posts related to the above cultural categories. School plays come into this a lot.
Vince Martin and the Vampires - Coventry's First Ever Rock n Roll Band - Vince went to Wyre Farm! NEWLeaving the Gates 
'It's a Long Hitch Hike Home' A song lyric by Trev Teasdel and discussion about leaving school for the last time.
Pool Meadow - Back to School 
Includes two lyrics by Trev Teasdel - 'Boarding School Blues' and 'We're Going Home'
Oliver This production in the late 60's attracted a lot of discussion with some great photos supplied by Rosemary Webb-Rehill.
The Happiest Days of your Life - John Dighton - School Play 1965
School Plays in 1970's 
via Nigel Tuckley and Michael Breslin. Chase me Comrade, Simple Spyman, Tom Sawyer.
This and That - School Play 1967 
Contributed by John Tearse from Stephen Tearse's collection.
Cleobury Cinema and Saturday Night Film Show 
Memories of times and films at the Cleobury Cinema and Saturday Night Film show in the main hall.
A Stairway to Wyrefarm - Robert Plant and Black Sabbath 
Aileen Parker (Headmaster's daughter) remembered hearing about some associations in the area and the school with Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, so we looked into them and found some interesting material.
Sergeant Pepper in the Headmaster's Cottage  
Trev Teasdel recalls an evening in June 1967 when a small group of 5th formers were invited to the Headmaster's cottage (while he was out) for a memorable social evening and to hear the brand new (at the time) Sgt. Pepper album.
Shows and Musicals 1960 - 61 
Reviews of Shows and musicals from Boarder Issue 4. Includes a visit to the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry to see Macbeth and a performance at the school of  The Great Bell of Burley.
Crystal Radio Sets and Radio Luxembourg 
Following discussion on Facebook, former pupils recall their crystal radio sets / transistor radios and Radio Luxembourg.
The School Orchestra 1961 
Photo contributed by Paul Williamson. Staff in the photo include Jom Lovatt, Alan Thorne, RT Morris (Head), but also John Breeze and the infamous Mr Foy. Ray Smith also tells how he bravely blew the whistle on Ken Foy in this post.
Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah 
In 1963 this humourous song was popular in the Dorm and seemed to sum up the situation! Hear it on youtube and view the lyrics.
The Great Halloween Staff Room Raid - Satirical short story by Trev Teasdel  
Partridge gets more than he bargained when he raids the staff room this time. Ghost trains, French battle fields, bagpipes, Royal Scots Dragoons, Parker in a flaming spitfire and St Emillion. Can it get any weirder! Even Tanky Thorne makes an appearance!
Neil O'Connor - Hazel's Brother, went to the school 
Hear some of Neil's music and his work with Hazel O' Connor. Neil was there c 1965 in Dudley.
Graham Baker's Band In the mid 60's Graham Baker had a cool band playing a lot of the pop hits of the time.
Tony (Mojo) Morgan's Ska and Blues Bands Tony Morgan (now known as Mojo) was at the school c 1965 in Mortimer. Tony went on to play in and form blues bands as bass player and more recently singer. Ic 1979 - 81 he formed the Ska Band EMF who won the Battle of the Bands and made a single for RCA and toured with some of the top ska acts from Coventry and the midlands including The Specials, Bad Manners, The Beat, and the Bodysnatchers. Hear their single on this page.
Paul Doyle - Artist and former pupil at Cleobury With a bio and some paintings.
William Langland - Piers Plowman
Born in Kinlet. A contemporary of Chaucer, he was a poet who used the alliterative blank verse that was derived from Anglo-Saxon poetry. In "The Vision of Piers Plowman", he describes how he rested on the Malvern Hills and visualised the kingdom as 'a field full of folk'. His writing depicted the life and thoughts of a peasant in the years before Watt Tyler's rebellion."
The School Tannoy Feels Fine 
Trev Teasdel with a tale about I Feel Fine and the School tannoy!

School Poem from the 1950's

Mark Jeffries - Ex pupil and Ballroom Dancer NEW

School Badge 
and It's a Knock out.
School Uniform - The Verdict 
Discussion via Facebook!
Old School Ties 
Photos of  the various house ties, Sports Shirts, school badge.

These posts contain re-creations of aspects of our school life by former pupil Charles Joyce at the Warwick University Engineering Dept where he teaches. often quite amusing and using all kinds of props, Charles has been very creative in exploring all kinds of aspects of the school!

The Games People Play 
Charles recreates the indoor games we played imaginatively!
Art Engineering Display For Terry Walker.
Motor Mechanics 
Food For Thought School Meals
Lets Rock n Roll 
Photos of Charles Joyce playing guitar at school and then making electric guitars with his engineering students at Warwick University.
Keep On Running 
A Charles Joyce Cross Country Special. Charles has mapped the routes with photos of Paul Williamson getting an award and Mick Chopping on sports day and Charles with his juggling balls!
Up the Creek without a Paddle 
Paul Williamson sent us a map used while pupils were canoeing on the River Wye. The map was too big to scan so Charles Joyce photographed it and did one of his special displays - with a photo of canoes at the school etc.
The Rev. D.A. Williams Display 
Charles Joyce display and tribute to the English / Divinity (later History) teacher who was at the school 1962 - 1982. There is another post about this teacher - also known as Jack or Jake, regarding a huge legacy he left to charity - see Teachers and Learning Curves section. This covers his war service years and books that he used in his teaching and more.
Wyred For Sound by G String A Charles Joyce Special. It was the Summer of Love 1967, the world was going to change and All we needed was love! Our year were about to leave school, it was a Sgt Pepper, Whiter Shade of Pale, Hendix Purple Haze, Waterloo Sunset daydream of a year.Charles has recreated it all in an amazing display.
Down in the Science Lab 
Charles Joyce recreates the Science lab experience with Mr Bones! Also included is a pic of the science lab in 1964 and the new lab in 1966.
Woodwork by G Clamp! 
Charles Joyce recreates the woodwork experience. Along with some pics of the actual school woodwork room.
Carry on Camping Clee Hill Style and Mr Chopping's Chisel 
Charles Joyce recreates the camping on Clee Hill experience with an imaginative photographic display.
Every Picture Tells a Story 
Another Charles Joyce special. Back to School. Displays that include school ties / indoor games / report books / briefcases / compasses etc!

Neen Savage 
Large post with screen shots via Google Street View of the walk down to the church on Sunday and many photos supplied by a number of former pupils and much discussion transferred from Facebook.
Neen Savage Church 2013  
Photos of Neen Savage church by Trev Teasdel during the 2013 reunion.
Cleobury Mortimer  
Old postcards and photos
Time Travelling Cleobury  
More old photos / postcards of Cleobury.
Clee Hill  Recent photo by Ralph Aldhous.
Two More Photos by Ralph Aldhous  Clee Hills and Neen Savage Ford
Random Views of Cleobury  Found on Photobucket
Clee Hills Photos and comments - the quarry.
Even more Photos of Clee Hills 
Screen shots from Google street view. The village and main road.
More Places Around Cleobury 
Mixed photos by Michael Billings. Range from Neen savage, Cleobury, Clee Hills etc.
More Photos of Clee Hills
Photos of Cleobury and the area 
Taken by Keith Ison and Mick (Dragan) Gajic
Ludlow - Some Photos
Wyre Forest - Photos
Cleobury Mortimer
A video with views of Cleobury and area with music composed by Trev Teasdel
Fantasy Marina Display The latest from Charles - looking at comfy chairs in the staff room but from a fun nautical perspective!

The Coventry Background
Born in the 50's - A Coventry Tale  Trev Teasdel's stream of conciousness piece about growing up in Coventry in the 50's with photos.
Rhyl  - Coventry Co-op Camp 
Also includes a piece about Snake Belts and Studs or Blakeys.
D Di Mascio - Coventry Ice-Cream Vendour 
From a thread (and photo) started by Mike Godwin on the facebook page. Includes pics D Di vans and Coop bakery vans in the 50's.

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